Tax Assessor/Collector

Diane Davaul, Tax Assessor/Tax Collector


Diane T. Davaul, MAE, MCR, RA, GA
Tax Assessor/Collector

“A Commitment To Service”

P.O. Box 469
Port Gibson, MS 39150

Diane Theresa Davaul is much honored to be serving as Tax Assessor/Collector for Claiborne County, embracing a focus of accountability for the scriptures attest that when much is given- much is required.

Office Mission Statement

We strive to provide courteous and efficient professional public service with integrity and respect to the citizens and taxpayers of Claiborne County.

Office Vision Statement

To embrace a progressive approach to enhance office operation.

I, along with my clerks: Ms. Jacqueline Good, Mrs. Amanda Barber, Ms. Shanita Earls, and Ms. Danielle Rankin hold steadfast to our ultimate quest which is: “To Serve and To Serve Well”. 

 The Office of Tax Assessor/Collector is the sector of county government that performs the duty of property taxation in compliance with state law according to the rules and regulations set forth by the Mississippi Department of Revenue (MS DOR).

Property taxation can be categorized as an annual tax based on ownership or possession of property. Property taxation is the major source of revenue, whereby county governments are able to provide the essential building blocks that create healthy, vibrant, and safe communities.

The Tax Assessor’s responsibility is to discover, list, and value taxable property within a jurisdiction.  Residential real property, nonresidential real property, personal property, public utilities, and motor vehicles are the five property classifications that are valued for ad valorem taxes.

Real and personal property is valued at the county level in accordance with MS DOR guidelines; public utilities and motor vehicles are valued at the state level.  In addition, the applications for homestead exemption (tax credits that are given to homeowners) are filed in the Assessor’s Office.

The Tax Collector’s responsibility is to collect all tax dollars within a jurisdiction and to settle monies to the proper entity; settlements are distributed to state, county, public school, and city in support of the various entities’ budget.

Claiborne County CourthouseThe main tax collection is ad valorem taxes; other collections include sales tax, use tax, additional motor vehicle fees, mobile home registration/certification and privilege license fees. All monies collected are settled by the 20th of each month for the preceding month.

  • MAE (Mississippi Assessment Evaluator)
  • MCR (Mississippi Collector of Revenue)
  • RA (Certified Residential Appraiser)
  • GA (Certified General Appraiser)

GIS Mapping

Geographic Information Systems(GIS) integrates hardware, software, and data for capturing, managing, analyzing and displaying all forms of geographically referenced information.

Claiborne County Tax Parcel Maps are available online via:

Important Dates for Property Owners

January 1st Lien date for real property assessment and for determining homestead exemption status.
January 2nd Begin accepting homestead exemption application.
January 7th Last day that legal instrument conveying title to property can be filed to be eligible for homestead exemption.
February 2nd 1% penalty begins on real, personal, and mobile home tax payments.
March 1st Lien date for personal property assessment.
April 1st Final day to accept homestead applications.
July 1st Monday – Presentation of real and personal property assessment roll to Board of Supervisors for equalization hearings.

Board of Supervisors open assessment rolls to public for inspection.

August 1st Monday – Deadline for filing appeals on property assessments for Board hearings.

Last Monday – Tax Collector conducts land sale of delinquent real property taxes.

October 1st New millage rates become effective.
November Fourth Wednesday – Mailing of real and personal property tax notices.
December 26th Tax Collector must begin accepting payment for real and personal property taxes.

Last working day – mailing of mobile home tax notices.


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Tax Facts Helpful Information

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